SIM Registration Law

The Nationwide SIM Registration Is Extended

The SIM Registration is officially extended for 90 more days

On April 25, 2023, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. approved a 90-day extension for the SIM registration deadline. Telecommunication companies will limit SIM services for those who fail to register during this period.

The extension was announced on the eve of the original April 26 deadline for SIM registration. The reason for this is that only less than 50% of the country’s total active 168 million SIMs had been registered.

Republic Act No. 11934 mandates all existing SIM users to register within 180 days from the law’s effectivity. The DICT can extend the period for another 120 days. Failure to register during this period will result in automatic deactivation of the SIM and the only way to reactivate a SIM card would be through registering it.

During an inter-agency meeting, Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla confirmed the extension. He stated that telcos would cut off most services for unregistered cell phones but made it clear that the government or telcos wouldn’t limit access to social media if users do not register during the extension period.

Senator Grace Poe, who helped pass the SIM Registration Act, welcomed the extension. She urged the NTC and telcos to double their efforts to reach subscribers in remote areas. Senator Poe said the law is “not meant to punish legitimate SIM subscribers.”

Globe Telecom and Smart Communications also appealed to extend the registration deadline. This is due to users’ lack of government-issued IDs.

The SIM Registration Act aims to reduce crimes committed through text messages. Spam and scam texts are a few of the problems Filipinos face daily, with some even mentioning their names.

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