Films on Netflix That Will Make You Cry

Whether you’re going through something, or just plain chilling at home, it never hurts to have a good, long cry. It’s a tried and proven stress reliever and also a pretty healthy way to release some pent-up emotions.

Luckily, there is Netflix where there are indeed a couple flicks that will get your tears rolling. If you’ve got the time and emotional energy, grab a tissue box and try watching some of these really sad Netflix films.

About Time (2013)

Films on Netflix That Will Make You Cry
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Get ready for some serious sniffles with About Time. The plot revolves around protagonist Tim, who uncovers his family’s secret ability to time travel and subsequently goes on a mission to tweak past events in his life.  It’s a film that involves romance, family, and just the natural flow of life and time.

Your Name (2016)

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Makoto Shinkai’s extremely popular anime film Your Name transcends the bounds of time and space as it attempts to connect two unlikely strangers in the most magical of ways. Packed with stunning visuals and a spectacular musical score, the film received a long list of accolades that praised its unique plot and emotional storytelling. Honestly, you might just find yourself crying at the mere sight of the film’s extraordinary animation.

Us and Them (2018)

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A quiet and honest portrayal of the life cycle of love, Us and Them is a Chinese romance drama about two young individuals just trying to survive in the harsh environment of Beijing. As they become riddled with issues regarding money, career, and family, viewers will soon come to see that love is not all that it seems. While we’ve watched plenty of romance-dramas in the past, Us and Them has a special way of tugging at your heartstrings; proceed with caution.  

On Your Wedding Day (2018)

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On Your Wedding Day is a South Korean rom-com that follows the longtime relationship of young lovers Hwan Seung-Hee and Hwang Woo-yeon. Like Us and Them, the film is an exploration of how young love matures as it stands the tests of time and a mountain of adversities. While a bit lighter than the former, don’t underestimate the ability of South Korean films to make you completely break down and sob.

Marriage Story (2019)

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Oscar-nominated Marriage Story is a moving drama that portrays the difficulties of divorce in the form of actress Nicole and stage director Charlie. The film is full of painful, bittersweet moments that might hit home for many viewers. Though it doesn’t exactly project a hopeful message for everyone watching, it does offer a realistic picture of the throes of divorce, which in itself is sad enough.


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