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Make the Most of the Internet With These 13 Free Websites

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In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, paving the way for today’s internet. He wrote that his dream for the internet was for it to become an “open platform” where people can get information and resources to make their lives easier. The 13 free websites on this list compiled by a Facebook user named Dilano Lebajoa prove Berners-Lee’s dream came true thirty-three years later. 

12ft Ladder

Add “” to the beginning of any paywalled page, and this website will try its darndest best to remove the paywall so you can read the article. The creator of this website believes netizens “ought to be able to search [for] something on Google and get an answer to your question without signing up for some newsletter.” 

12ft Ladder works by directing users to cached copies of paywalled pages. “News sites want Google to index their content so it shows up in search results. So they don’t show a paywall to the Google crawler. We benefit from this because the Google crawler will cache a copy of the site every time it crawls it. All we do is show you that cached, unpaywalled version of this page,” writes this website’s creator.

Excel Formula Bot

Not everyone is great with spreadsheets. If Excel is the bane of your existence, you can use Excel Formula Bot to produce a formula that meets your needs. If, after trying it, you decide you can’t live without it, consider donating to help support future development.

Gamma App

Try this web-based app if you struggle with creating presentations for school or work. It’s a great alternative to slide decks. Its user-friendly interface allows you to create engaging briefs, decks, documents, and memos that are easy to discuss live or share asynchronously.

Hemingway App

This is one of my favorite free websites. Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear by highlighting adverbs and weakening phrases, overly complex sentences and words, and passive voice.


Created by Envato (the leading community and marketplace for creatives and creative assets), this website is a fast-growing library of stock music tracks, sound effects, video clips, and video templates. New video assets are added weekly. You can download as many assets as you need without attribution or signing up for anything.


This business name generator can help you come up with a short, brandable business name using AI (artificial intelligence). But what’s really cool is that its algorithm learns from the names you like to give you better recommendations over time.

PDF Drive

PDF Drive is a free search engine where users can find all kinds of eBooks to download. It has titles ranging from Malala Yousafzai’s I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood up for Education to Richard Elwes’s The Math Handbook: Everyday Math Made Simple. You can download any of the 80 million (and counting) eBooks on this website for free. You won’t have to deal with ads or download limits, either.


This AI tool offers advanced editing features for writers. You can use it to check grammar, paraphrase, and summarize content. It also allows you to check if a piece of writing is plagiarized or not. Aside from its website, QuillBot has Google Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word extensions, but they only work online.

Remove backgrounds from photos in just five seconds with Do you need a picture with a white background for an ID? You can create one here. Do you want to put yourself on a mountaintop, on the beach, or next to your favorite celebrity? You can do that here. What’s more, can handle challenging edges (like your hair) exceptionally well. You won’t have trouble making professional, sophisticated graphics for invitations, postcards, posters, or even product photos for your business. can help you do all that and more.

Scribe How

Use this website to record yourself teaching a colleague or student how to do something. When you’re done, Scribe automatically creates a how-to guide, complete with clicks, instructions, and screenshots. It also gives you the option to add annotations, custom branding, and text; as well as edit screenshots and redact any sensitive information. The guides it creates can be exported as PDF files or sent as links.

Temporary Mail

Services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix allow users to sign up on a trial basis on the condition that they provide a working email address. But using your actual email address would open you up to a barrage of spam. If you’d rather avoid that, use Temporary Mail


As free websites go, TinyWOW is a literal treasure trove. It has an extensive collection of free online file converter tools. It allows you to work with images, PDFs, and videos. Moreover, all processed and unprocessed files are deleted after 15 minutes. How’s that for convenience and privacy?


WeTransfer is an online file transfer service company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It allows users to send large files. You can send up to 2GB worth of files on the free version and up to 20GB on WeTransfer Pro. This is a freemium service, which means you don’t need to create a WeTransfer account to send and receive files.

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Don’t just check out these free websites, bookmark them. You never know when they’ll come in handy.

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