For all friends and lovers out there looking for a fun and safe way to hang out this summer, we’ve got you! Hanging out doesn’t have to mean going outside; you can have fun and enjoy summer right where you are.

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Take a look at our suggestions for some fun summer date ideas.

Have an outdoor (or indoor!) picnic

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Spread a blanket out in your backyard and bring out the best of snacks in the great outdoors. Some fresh air will do you good during the summer season and keep you from staying stuffy inside. No backyard? No problem! You can just as well picnic indoors by spreading a blanket out in your living room and preparing fruits and sandwiches with your significant other. Crack open a window to let in the summer breeze!

Have a wine tasting/tequila tasting/any alcohol tasting night

wine tasting at home
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Going out to bars and restaurants are so 2019. Have your own little party with some alcohol right at home. You and your hubby could buy a couple bottles of wine and taste test each of them, complete with a charcuterie board. Enjoy the buzz and try out other types of alcohol as well. The best part is that you don’t have to take a step outside — these alcohol delivery businesses will do the work for you.

Puzzles and scrapbooking and tiny home building

Have your hand at a creative night in with puzzles, scrapbooking, or tiny home building. All you need is a big table or open space and a loooot of patience. These activities will be sure to get you and your best friend occupied for hours. Don’t know where to get a miniature home? Check out these businesses!

An indoor/outdoor movie

Summer get together with friends and family.
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Make use of that backyard or empty lot and have a little movie night. All it takes is a couple lawn chairs, a projector, and an empty wall and you’ve got yourself your own personal cinema. For a budget movie night, try fort building with pillows and blankets and decorating with fairy lights; set up your laptop or huddle in front of the TV and you’re all good to go.

Don’t let the pandemic stop you from enjoying your summer. While it’s a bit harder to meet up with people and enjoy the beaches, we can still try out these little things to make the best of it.


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