Get the Healthiest Dog Treats from These IG Shops

Part of being a responsible pet owner is knowing all the good and bad things your furbaby is eating. It’s not a secret that sugars, sodium, and flavorings from synthetic treats are not the best for our pals.

Get the Healthiest Dog Treats from These IG Shops
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Dogs actually live longer when they have natural, chemical-free, and preservative-free food readily available. Good thing a couple local shops around the area are already hard at work providing such safe and healthy treats. Come and check them out!

Woof Project

Woof Project is a business with a cause. The sale of their various biscuits, dehydrated treats, “woofles”, and “pawffins” benefit animal shelters in the country. Your pet will have a blast with natural, tasty treats like strawberry oats biscuits and apple carrot woofles.

Belly Grubs

Is your dog a fan of biscuits? Belly Grubs has got you covered with its all-natural, homemade treats. Their biscuits, which come in yummy flavors like peanut butter and pumpkin, as well as carrot and oats, are 100% whole ingredients with zero processing and artificial additives. Get creative and try making biscuit sandwiches, biscuit cereal, and biscuit pupsicles!


Pasig-based Bonapawtit offers single-ingredient, slowly dehydrated meats as scrumptious treats for your furbaby. Choose from a wide array of dehydrated raw meats like beef jerky, chicken feet, and pork liver, among others. The dehydration process locks in the flavor and nutrients of each meat, allowing your pet to get the most out of the protein.


Another business that boasts all-natural and preservative-free treats, Paws Up also has dehydrated meats in its product line. They’ve whipped up dehydrated chicken jerky and chicken liver treats, as well as dehydrated carrots and sweet potatoes for an extra kick to your dog’s diet.

Barkery on 10th

Get your pet one step closer to cleaner, plaque-less teeth with Barkery on 10th! They’ve got their special “bully chews”, which are low-fat, high protein dental chews made from antibiotic-free Australian beef. The natural chews are great for dogs with plaque buildup and bad breath, and are a good alternative to store-bought products that are often riddled with flavoring and chemical preservatives.


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