Google Bard

Get To Know ChatGPT’s New Competitor: Google Bard

ChatGPT is the most known in the generative AI world, but Google’s Bard might just be the most equipped

The AI race is on. After ChatGPT arrived and changed the game, every platform has been racing to compete and overtake it. At the moment, it looks like Bard is in the lead.

Bard is Google’s experimental AI-powered chatbot tool powered by LaMDA large language model. This smart algorithm has the power to create content from scratch.

While ChatGPT is the most known in the generative AI world, Google Bard might just be the most equipped. The tool has developed eight special features that ChatGPT still can’t do.

  1. Searches on the internet in real-time. That means Bard’s content is updated, compared to ChatGPT’s data, which tends to stop in 2021. 
  2. Supports voice input. You can verbally dictate your prompt to Bard instead of typing it out to save time.
  3. Export the generated text. Anything Bard comes up with can be exported to Google Docs and drafted in your Gmail.
  4. Makes summaries of web pages. Bard doesn’t need too much brain power to come up with summaries of complex subjects and websites.
  5. Provides multiple drafts of its response. Instead of explicitly stating it in the prompt, Bard automatically creates three versions of the same answer so you have options to choose from.
  6. Explain documents. If you upload a file to Bard, you can ask Bard to explain everything in that file to save yourself some time.
  7. See searches related to your prompt. Of course, Google’s Bard is promoting Google.
  8. Plan your trips. Tired of making itineraries? Bard’s itineraries are detailed and updated with the latest areas to see versus ChatGPT’s outdated sources.
Google Bard
Google Bard

Google Bard can also scour the internet for the latest news stories, get reviews on places, explain code, write blog posts about recent events, make market studies, conduct updated academic research, and analyze finances. 

Google Bard is 100% free versus ChatGPT, which has a paid version for better features. It’s also accessible in 180 countries, including the Philippines.

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