Have You Been Seeing the Phrase “Change Oil”? Read Up on the Tea!

Indulge yourself in the melodrama of social media lynching with the newest of scandals: the “change oil serye”. It all began when a woman took to Instagram to out her cheating fiancé.

Have You Been Seeing the Phrase “Change Oil”? Read Up on the Tea!
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In a story posted by Kathryine Roman last week, she detailed the supposed affair that had taken place between her fiancé, Yves Esteban, and acquaintance, Sarah De Leon. In the first couple screenshots, Roman had said that she had her doubts about the “friendship” between her fiancé and the latter.

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After a series of denials from both parties, Roman finally obtained solid evidence of the tryst when her brother had a chance encounter with the “friends” at a convenience store.

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The pair was later caught in an intimate dinner setting, an event which De Leon described as helping to “change oil” for Esteban’s car. Upon further investigation, Roman had found out that the two had been intimately involved for quite a while.

You can check the rest of the screenshots here.

The real-life soap opera caught social media by storm; as a result, the phrase “change oil” has been making the rounds on Facebook, leading many users to comment on the issue.

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One user cautioned against giving second chances: “At the end of the day, always remember to never give any second chances to cheaters. NEVER!”

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Another offered words of support for the heartbroken Roman. She said, “Praying for you that your heart will heal the soonest so that you won’t suffer the pain for so long…”

The issue was widely discussed, leading commentators to attribute the phenomenon to the Filipino fascination with love triangles, heartbreak, and good old drama. Add social media to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a viral post.

While there’s not much of a moral to the story in this case, we are able to take away a few things from Roman’s account. 

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One, to love yourself more than the relationship. Two, to never settle for unapologetic men. And three, to be good women to each other.

The love story was unfortunate but ended rightly for every party. More power to you, Kathryine!


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