Here Are Some Ways You Can Still Celebrate Halloween While in Quarantine

Because of the ongoing pandemic, we all have had to say goodbye to any Halloween events and get-togethers we might have had planned. However, that doesn’t mean that fans of this spooky season have to completely forego celebrating! Here are some ways you can still celebrate Halloween from the safety of your own home:

Halloween Movie Marathon

This is the obvious one that was probably already part of your tradition pre-pandemic. Queue up your choice of Halloween flicks or TV episodes, from nightmare-inducing horrors to goofy childhood classics, turn off the lights, and enjoy them with your friends and family (whether they live with you or can only watch with you via online watch parties!)

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Make Halloween-Themed Treats

Whipping up food and drinks inspired by the season is a great way to get into the spirit when you’re missing in-person Halloween events. There are tons of Halloween-themed recipes online that you can check out, from tasty desserts to fun cocktails.

Plan a Virtual Party With Your Loved Ones

Just because you can’t go to physical parties yet, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up in costumes and celebrate over Zoom anyway! Whether the party is just you and your friends hanging out virtually while in makeshift costumes or something more elaborate – complete with a schedule filled with Halloween games and exchanging ghost stories – it’s definitely worth trying out. 

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If getting into the Halloween spirit is something you love, then it shouldn’t matter whether you’re having people over or not! Making and putting up spooky decorations is part of the fun, and it’s also a great way to get creative and change up your quarantine space, even if it’s for a short while. Here are some DIY ideas you can look into.

Dress Up for a Personal Photoshoot

Let’s be honest, throughout the years a big part of the Halloween fun has been about taking pictures of your getup for social media and scrolling through to see other people’s costumes too. And that’s something you can still do! Dress up, play with makeup looks, and take fun pictures to share with your friends. It’s still a great way to have fun, get creative, and connect with others while we’re all social distancing.

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