Here’s why Drew Barrymore can’t stop raving about this Pinay chef

If we talk about some of the most flavorful food in the world, nothing beats what Filipinos have to offer. One perfect example would be Cristita Pasia Comerford who happens to be the Executive Chef of the White House. Well, she has been there since 2005 and has so far served four U.S. Presidents (including Biden). That’s why it comes as no surprise that even A-list star Drew Barrymore – inarguably one of the biggest names in Hollywood – fell in love with a Pinay chef’s cooking.

The 45-year-old actress and talk show host’s personal chef and good friend – Pilar Valdes – appeared on the January 11 episode of The Drew Barrymore Show to teach her how to make Roast Tomatillo-Poblano Soup. Honestly, we haven’t heard of it before. But we assure you: you’ll definitely run to your kitchen after watching them make the savory soup which Barrymore described as a “revelation” when she first tasted it.

According to Valdes, her Roast Tomatillo-Poblano Soup is a must-try especially if you’re looking for a hearty dish to keep you warm throughout the wintertime. Well, in the case of Filipinos, we gotta say it’s perfect for the cold weather that’s currently keeping everyone wrapped in blankets during nighttime. And by the looks of it, it’s easy to make. Plus, you won’t have to worry a single bit about the ingredients because they’re all available here in the country. 

Thinking about making one? Check out this link.


Barrymore said she and Valdes share the same love for almost anything including food. “Pilar and I literally spend almost every day together and we love food and we love laughter and we love traveling the globe. We’re very into every flavor,” the “Santa Clarita Diet” star said. 

But what makes Valdes a standout for the “Charlie’s Angel’s” star is how she can relate with the Pinay chef’s perseverance to making it to where she is right now on her own.

“You’re self-taught, I’m self-made and I always see us wearing those T-shirts together because it proves you don’t have to have a degree, you don’t have to have a certain economic or cookie-cutter journey, you can find yourself wherever you are in the world, you’re in Manila, I was here. Here we are together,” Barrymore stated. 

To which Valdes happily responded with: “And food brought us together.”  

This isn’t the first time Valdes appeared on the “50 First Date” star’s talk show. Last October, Valdes appeared on the show and cooked her Creamy Quinoa Risotto recipe.

Valdes also happens to be the co-founder of a New York-based catering called Kickshaw Cookery. 

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