How Grab Helped These Female-Led Businesses Grow

Know the story of CloudEats, Thai Mango, and Ate Rica’s Bacsilog in growing their businesses.

The pandemic has caused many losses from several businesses, and the demand immediately shifted from dining in to take out and deliveries. Grab was one of the most useful apps to get some essentials, especially during repeated lockdowns.

Owners of CloudEats, Thai Mango, and Ate Rica’s Bacsilog shared how they navigated through their challenges. These Filipina business owners also discovered the potential of marketing their products on the digital platform. 

Building online presence through Grab

Grab also doubled its efforts in helping restaurants reach their customers and increase their digital presence. CloudEats Co-Founder and CEO Kimberly Yao thought the same, too.

After venturing into tech with her liquor delivery service, Boozy, she realized that shifting online was her next step — something that Grab was able to help with.

“It was very clear to me that technology was the main thing that could scale and evolve a traditional business. Our entire vision when we started CloudEats was really on how to digitize a very traditional industry like food service,” says Yao.

Grab now houses a range of CloudEats brands such as Seoulmates by Alyssa and Kiefer and Chef Carlo’s Country Chicken.

She was not the only one that benefited from working with Grab. Rica Penalosa, the founder of the famous Ate Rica’s Bacsilog, started her business in a food cart and eventually grew. It also became a favorite meal for students.

But with the pandemic shutting down schools and establishments, her business was hit with dwindling sales. But thanks to Grab, it let her reconnect with their loyal audience and expand to new ones. 

“Grab was one of the key players in our business that managed to keep the food business afloat. They provided a customer base that all our branches could take advantage of,” says Penalosa.

She also says that if she didn’t join Grab, she would’ve been forced to close more branches of her 14-year old business permanently.

Grab also guided these businesses. They even went beyond their usual task to help boost their online presence.

Grab as a helping hand

Thai Mango’s Founder, Kim Baquiano, says, “The management reached out and helped us boost our brand even when we were small. They engaged and connected us with their media partners.”

Currently, Thai Mango grew from one store to five successful cloud kitchens.

“I feel that I am on the right path with the right business partner. Despite only being an amateur in the business, I believe our brand became more successful during the pandemic from being a GrabFood partner,” Baquiano adds.

With their experience, these inspiring Filipina business owners have started giving back to their community through fair and equal opportunities. CloudEats, Thai Mango, and Ate Rica’s Bacsilog are one in championing equality, having avenues in place to ensure that everyone, regardless of gender and background, has a place with them as each continues to expand.

As they share their story, they hope that more budding entrepreneurs will be motivated to push for their dreams and to do so with Grab. 

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“COVID-19 brought people to their knees but saw many take that leap of faith to start their businesses and continue growing today. Now that Grab can be part of your journey, what’s stopping you from starting?” shares Penalosa.

If you’re also thinking about starting your own business and would like to work with Grab, check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram for more information and updates.

Art Macky Arquilla

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