Ideas for Your Home Balcony Goals

Living in the Metro means you most likely have a balcony, or a backyard, or just a random space that isn’t filled up. Instead of piling all your extra junk in this space, why don’t you try and liven it up?

For all our condo inhabitants out there, here are some of the cutest ideas for your home balcony goals.

Plant rack

Photo from Balkon Garten

What would a pretty space be without a plant rack? Balconies have a lot of empty wall space that could use some real, live décor. Since plants are relatively inexpensive and easy to design, they’re the perfect addition to your small balcony. Use a plant rack or hang them up with rattan holders — they’re nice enough to look good on their own!

String lights and lamps

You’ll need some bright lights to keep your hangout place illuminated at night. Try using string lights with round bulbs, tiki lights, or even smaller decorative lamps to keep a well-lit area. These seemingly minute details will bring your balcony to life.

Wooden pallet bed/sofa

Using a wooden pallet as a makeshift bed or sofa gives your space the comfort of a real home. Stack one or two pallets up and use quirky outdoor cushions (because they’re waterproof) to decorate your space and let your personality shine. Don’t hesitate to add a couple pillows while you’re at it!

Desk or table area

Who wouldn’t want the option of working outside in the fresh air? Balconies are great for “outdoor” work because they give you shade and protection from the sun while ensuring you get some good, clean oxygen.  You can also try to build a wooden desk or use a plain old table to start your outdoor WFH experience.  A number of local woodcrafters accept customized work like this.

In addition, your table can also double down as a small snack or drinks table for when you have guests over.

Decorative rugs

A decorated balcony.
Photo from Hunker

Many people underestimate the power of decorative rugs. Lay one down, or three, and you’ve created an instant fun and chic aesthetic to your outdoor area. Decorative rugs are a great way to add some color into monochromatic or single color designs and are a surefire solution to keeping your area clean (thank you, vacuums!)

So start your home #BalconyGoals and home projects this summer while we’re still in quarantine. The love and work you put into your living area will be worth it when you can chill and relax in your new workspace/hangout spot/almost living room.

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