Lend Your Ear to the Best Podcasts on Spotify Today

If you need a break from working from home or watching shows on Netflix, then perhaps it’s time for you to try podcasts. A perk of listening to podcasts? You can do something else at the same time – enabling you to be entertained and educated while you do tasks at home.

Not sure where to begin? We’ve compiled podcasts covering different topics so read on to find something new to listen to!

Adulting with Joyce Pring 


A favorite among Filipino listeners, Adulting with Joyce Pring is a guide for people trying to get through their 20s. The podcast covers a wide range of topics – anything under the sun that involves 20-somethings – so listeners can surely learn a thing or two as Joyce Pring gives tips on how to navigate life in this day and age. 

Stories After Dark 


Stories After Dark explores true crime and supernatural stories in the Philippines. Each episode features amazing narration on mysterious events in the country so you can be entertained and schooled at the same time. 

Welcome to Night Vale 


For those who like fictional podcasts, Welcome to Night Vale is a must listen to. The podcast follows the reports of Cecil as he talks about the happenings in the small desert town called Night Vale. From hooded figures with unknowable powers to howling city council members, you can count on this podcast to entertain you with strange events from this fictional town.

TED Talks Daily


When people say TED Talks, people usually think of the videos they see online where influential people from different fields talk at a conference. TED Talks Daily is the podcast version of this, and you can listen to though-provoking ideas about different subjects while you go about your day. There are numerous topics to choose from so browse through their list and start listening to those that interests you!

Stuff You Should Know


This award-winning podcast explores all kinds of topics – satanism, true crime cases, soda, ice climbing, and many more trivialities in life! You’ll surely learn a lot about the little things that make the world go, so you can bet that after listening to this podcast you can impress your friends with fun facts!

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