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Listen to These Horror Podcasts to Get Into the Halloween Spirit

Do you love all things spooky and discovering new bone-chilling stories? On the hunt for more horror media that isn’t just your same lineup of movies and TV shows? These horror podcasts may just be exactly what you’re looking for. And just in time for Halloween too!

The NoSleep Podcast

This podcast is a collection of fictional short horror stories that are meant to scare and disturb listeners. Through the compelling narratives, talented voice actors, and creepy sound effects and background music, it creates an immersive storytelling experience perfect for horror fans. 

Hilakbot TV

Horror is 100% scarier when it’s about something you’re familiar with, and that’s what this podcast delivers. Hilakbot TV offers listeners both real and fictional Filipino horror stories that are sure to creep you out. Each episode brings a terrifying tale of creatures and legends you probably grew up getting warned about.

The Magnus Archives

If you’re looking for a fiction podcast with an overarching plot, this one’s for you. This horror-tragedy podcast is narrated by the protagonist, an archivist at an institute that investigates the supernatural. While it starts with him reading separate accounts of horrific encounters, he starts discovering that these stories form a bigger picture that directly affects him and his fate. 

Wag Kang Lilingon

If you want something a bit more lighthearted, check out this podcast hosted by two girls who love talking and learning about horror, true crime, and the supernatural. Hosts Grace and Mimai have a variety of episode types, from narrating personal horror encounters submitted by listeners to discussing local horror stories, beliefs, and superstitions. 


Like Wag Kang Lilingon, this is a more conversational approach to immersing you into different tales of local supernatural phenomena and includes discussions of different horror media. Horror fans will love the way it combines everything terrifying – from true crime to creepy occult tales – with Filipino humor and sensibilities.

The Other Stories

You know it’s good horror when it can freak you out with just audio in such a short time, and that’s what this podcast brings. With episodes less than 20 minutes each, it still manages to create an atmosphere of unease and terror through short stories ranging from classic horror and thriller narratives to creepy sci-fi stories.

Alice Isn’t Dead

This fiction podcast follows the protagonist as she goes on a road trip to look for her missing wife. As she narrates to her radio, as if pretending that she’s talking to her missing wife, we learn more about the bleakness of her travels and the creepy horrors she encounters. With the immersive storytelling and tension-filled plot, this horror-mystery is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

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