LOOK: McDonald’s PH just opened its biggest branch and it’s a road trip away

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If you can’t get enough of McDonald’s, then you’d surely want to drive out to its newest location that just opened yesterday: a whopping 2,200-square meter lot inside the capital city of San Fernando, Pampanga.

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Officially dubbed McDonald’s Capital Town, the store is McDonald’s biggest branch in the country thus far, and boasts of all the modern McDonald’s amenities: self-ordering kiosks, a no-touch drive-thru facility, a modern McCafe, a McDo Park, a spacious meeting room, and of course, a McDonald’s Party area. It also has a vast parking area, an “Instagrammable” green wall, and a sleek, contemporary interior that will make you enjoy your Happy Meals more.

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Despite its immense size, McDonald’s Capital Town still considers your safety a top priority. Thus, they will be implementing the minimum health standards — undergoing a temperature check, disinfecting your footwear, wearing your face mask and face shield, and filling out a health declaration form — for all customers upon entry. They will also be allowing only a limited number of diners at a time, though that shouldn’t be an issue with their spacious interior.

McDonald’s Capital Town will be open 24 hours and will offer McDelivery in the future as well.

In the middle of this year, McDonald’s announced its plan to open at least 15 more branches before the year closes. This brings the total of currently operating outlets to just short of 690 stores. 

(images: McDonald’s Capital Town)

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