Mariel Rodriguez Shares How She Lost 42 Pounds in 3 Months in Weight Loss Vlog

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, now a mother of two, shared how she was able to lose 42 pounds in just three months in her latest YouTube vlog. From her heaviest at 197 pounds, she now weighs 155 pounds!

She said that she’s “officially signing off as a breastfeeding mama” now that she’s reached her goal to breastfeed her daughter Gabriela for a year. “I took a while because I had to finish breastfeeding Gabriela pero finally when I was ready, when Gabriela was ready, nag-start na ako mag-diet,” she said.

At the start of the video, Mariel already claimed that 2021 is the year she will reach her fitness goals, saying, “This will be my sexiest year!”

Mariel Rodriguez Padilla

Photo: Instagram/marieltpadilla

Mindset and discipline

Mariel officially started her weight loss journey on December 1, 2020. Right at the start, she said that she knows it’s going to be difficult, and that she really needs discipline to help her achieve her goals.

She also mentioned the importance of keeping a healthy mindset. “The main thing here is ‘yung mindset mo. It’s all about portioning,” she said.

Mariel shared that consulting with a certified nutritionist was also of great help to her. “Majority of [losing weight] is [dependent on] the food that we take. Ako po, I got a nutritionist talaga, si Nadine Tengco, and she made a list of the things that I can eat, the things I should eat, the things I shouldn’t eat,” Mariel said.

Healthy recipes

In documenting her weight loss journey, Mariel also shared some yummy recipes that helped her stick to a healthier diet. Together with her daughter Isabella, she made a kani salad, which is her husband Robin Padilla‘s “current favorite salad.”

Mariel also made a post-workout smoothie and a CPK (California Pizza Chicken)-inspired BBQ Chop Chicken Salad, which she calls her ultimate favorite.

You can get the recipes and watch Mariel’s weight loss vlog here:

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