Wanna Hit The Hay Quicker? Try The Navy Seal Sleep Technique!

Perfect for quick naps and insomnia. 

Take power napping to a whole new level with this hack. Insomnia and tiredness seem to be affecting everyone these days. Fear not, this navy SEAL sleep technique should try and change things for you.

If you wanna know how this little trend started, it began with Former Navy Seal officer Jocko Willink. With Willink was the popular lifestyle coach Nick Vitello who got the internet to hold their breaths and count to 10. 

Remember that sleep hacks can only do so much. It may not solve your diagnosed insomnia, but it can help you get energized quicker if needed. 

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What is the Navy SEAL Sleep Technique?

It’s a method that requires you to lay down but with your back flat on the floor, and your feet on the edge of the bed. Your body should form a shape like a letter “Z.” That means 90-degree angles on your legs. Keep note of that. 

This method isn’t meant for a long night’s rest, more of a power nap. Its purpose is to energize a person enough so that they have the energy to go about their duties. Preferably, this should last up to eight to ten minutes long. So, if you think that you can get a full-on eight hours, think again. This is especially used in the Navy, hence the name. It’s so they are well-energized while still maintaining their posts. 

“In a military sleep manual, special forces are advised to use breaks in combat for an afternoon nap.” Dr. Po-Chang Hsu, a medical content expert for Sleeping Ocean, explains. 

Regardless of several TikTok hacks that usually prove to be ineffective, this one gets a stamp of medical approval. 

“This hack can help most people sleep in less than eight minutes,” Dr. Hsu says, “ which would have been an issue when lying down [flat but not] in this position.” he continues. 

How do you do the Navy SEAL Sleep Technique? 

According to Dr. Hsu, “Using this technique is best when there’s too little time to sleep. By practicing this technique for an eight-minute sleep, many people have said they feel sufficiently rested and that it feels like 6 hours’ [worth of] sleep.”

This sleep technique is so simple and easy to do it only takes a couple of steps! 

  1. Lay down in a position that lets you elevate your feet above your heart. It’s recommended that you do this at the edge of your couch or bed. 
  1. Set your alarm clock for eight to 10 minutes. 
  1. Close your eyes and wake up. 

It’s that easy! In less than a few minutes, you’ll be feeling a lot more energized than you were. Say you’ve got some things to work on right now. Maybe you’ve got some deadlines but are way behind with sleep? You should try this method out yourself. The results may surprise you!

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