Minimalist Design Isn’t Always Better — Here’s Why

As time passes, design in all landscapes has experienced a boom in minimalist concepts. In a bid to emulate a contemporary, modern era, designers have began to use more neutral colors and become less “loud;” we see this in more simplistic logos and bare interiors, as well as empty-spaced graphics and wide, white walls.

Minimalist Design Isn’t Always Better — Here’s Why
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While Scandinavian design and minimalist websites have become all the rage, there are a couple reasons why minimalism isn’t always the best way to go. If you’re curious on whether or not to adapt to the minimalist lifestyle, here’s a look at why it’s not always the better choice.

Designs tend to look similar to each other

As we’ve mentioned, Nordic and Scandinavian furniture and design has gradually pervaded the everyday façade of our homes.  The concept of blank walls and sleek wooden furniture has become popular over the years, leading many to copy the look and end up with similar looking living spaces.

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In similar fashion, graphic design has also sported such minimalist trends of “less is more.” Less color, less flare, and more simplicity — these elements have caused newer-age logos to look strikingly akin to each other.

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With minimalism, there are less elements to put together, making things more prone to looking alike. Because everyone wants to copy an “easy” and “simple” design, there is less room for variation and creativity.

It’s not practical

Minimalism in homes requires you to put away a large amount of books, pictures, mementos, etc. for the sake of the aesthetic. While we don’t necessarily think that you have to have everything out on display, imagine having to dig through the closet every time you need to pull out something you want to use.

Websites that are too minimalist can make it had for users to navigate through its features
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The same goes for digital design. Many online users have complained over the years that websites have sacrificed usability for the sake of minimalism. Some websites nowadays have foregone easy-to-use features in order to look cleaner and less cluttered, causing user interaction to suffer.

It takes away the charm and personality of a certain thing

Blank walls and spaces are marketed to be therapeutic for people who need to “declutter” their lives. Though sometimes, this “peaceful” landscape can actually strip your home of its charm and personality. Because people nowadays value simple aesthetics, the interiors of homes tend to look less like homes and more like empty department displays.

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This can also be seen in graphic design over the years. More and more brands are converting to more modern concepts, which can lead to them losing the thing that made them unique in the first place.

In short, minimalism isn’t a bad thing. It can certainly be a stylish way to decorate your home or utilize digital design. However, it’s not the end-all, be-all of design. You can still have clean, hip, and trendy designs with pops of color and expressions of your special personality without looking messy. It’s all up to you and how you use design in your everyday life.


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