New Year’s Resolutions That Promote Self-Care Instead of Self-Inflicted Pressure

With the New Year comes the brainstorming for resolutions. However, even with the absolute chaos that we’ve been through, a lot of people still feel the need to make resolutions that fill them with unnecessary pressure. We must remember that our lists should also include resolutions that promote self-care. Especially after the year that we’ve had. 

Here are some ideas for resolutions that may just work for you this year:

Do the “Non-Productive” Hobbies You Love

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that hobbies aren’t worth doing unless they result in tangible things you can sell or a skill you can make money off of. Those are great to have, but deciding to make time for something that you love doing – even if the rest of the world deems it unproductive – is essential to nurturing yourself and your totally valid interests. 

Carve Out Time to Talk to Loved Ones

In 2020, we learned how much we have to actively make an effort if we are to keep in touch with others. That’s something we should bring into the new year too, especially since it’s still difficult to see each other in person. Whether it’s setting a few minutes a day aside to check in with them or blocking off one night a week for a call for a couple hours, nourishing relationships that are important to us is important in order to be our best selves. 

Stop Beating Yourself Up for Tiny Mistakes

Everyone messes up, and when we do, it’s important to take accountability and make things right. However, it’s also important to remember that getting caught up in every tiny little mistake isn’t helping anyone, especially you. It’s time to start working on being kinder to yourself and learning from mistakes without beating yourself for them.

Be Comfortable With Saying “No”

Resolutions are often about saying yes: starting challenges, accepting opportunities, stepping out of comfort zones. And that’s great! But it’s also important to learn how to say no without feeling guilty about it as well. A big part of taking care of yourself is setting boundaries and being vocal about when something someone is requesting – may it be in your career or your personal life – is too much or even detrimental to your wellbeing. 

Stop Postponing Rest 

Hustle culture has a lot of us prioritizing work and overachieving at all times. While working hard are good things, burning out is all too common because we treat basic human functions as rewards for productivity rather than things we need in order to live. This year, it’s time to put an end to that “I’ll only sleep after I write five more pages” or “I’ll only eat lunch when I’ve checked everything off my to-do list” mindset.

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