Sorry, hunks: dating survey reveals singles prefer “dad bods” over toned abs

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Maybe it’s the fact that quarantine got us way too cozy, or that a “beach body” isn’t viable since we can’t venture out anyway, but we can’t deny that dating preferences have now drastically shifted. 

So much, in fact, that a recent survey has revealed that most singles now prefer a partner with a “dad bod” more than any other body type — even more than super-toned six-packs. 

That’s according to a survey conducted by, which posted that 75% out of 2000 respondents they contacted through e-mail said they favor a man with some flubber here and there. The dating site, however, didn’t break down the respondents’ demographics.

In case you were inspired, “dad bods” generally pertain to a body type that isn’t toned but also isn’t completely out of shape or overweight. “Tito tiyan,” if you prefer the local parlance. For though, “dad bod” applies to all gender orientations, and not just to men’s bodies.

“Singles are beginning to embrace more body types as they know the struggle of staying in shape during the pandemic,” Maria Sullivan, dating expert and’s vice president, shared in an interview with Business Insider. 

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(Image: New York Post)

“Dad bods are bringing a whole new level of confidence and body positivity to singles as others are beginning to embrace and prefer a more common body type than the fit and chiseled figure,” Sullivan added. “Singles are now spending less time worrying about the way their body looks and spending more time getting to know other singles without feeling self-conscious about the way they look.”

Still, dating surveys should be the last thing that should motivate you to look after your body’s well-being. Dad bod or not, staying healthy long enough to meet and live with the love of your life should be the goal!


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