Why Do We Celebrate Women’s Month?

It’s Women’s History Month! Throughout the month of March, everyone around the world is encouraged to celebrate the contributions and achievements of women through past generations. It also means that we get to take some extra time to commemorate all the lovely ladies in our lives.

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But, why should we celebrate Women’s Month in the first place? Here are a couple reasons.

To remember

Women’s History Month first started out as National Women’s Day in March 1911, after a meeting of suffragists and socialists. In an attempt to emphasize women’s role in history, U.S. President Jimmy Carter proclaimed that the week of March 8, 1980 was Women’s History Week. In 1987, the U.S. Congress officially declared March Women’s History Month.

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In recognizing the importance of women in the history of not just the United States, but countries around the world, we are remembering all the contributions that they have made over the years. In short, telling their stories during this month brings to life all the sacrifices they’ve made for our freedoms and opportunities!

To appreciate

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While Women’s History Month was created to commemorate women of the past, it has also become a special month to appreciate the ladies of our present. Be it your mother, grandmother, sister, girlfriend, or friend, all the women in your life have worked hard and made a difference in the way you live. It’s definitely the month to tell them you love them, give them flowers, or just be extra nice!

To empower!

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Learning about powerful women in history can absolutely give birth to stronger, more empowered women of the future. Women’s History Month was made to inspire the young men and women of today to fight for their rights and the freedoms they deserve. We celebrate this month of March in hopes of creating stronger, more informed and motivated women to continue on the fight to make more lasting change in the world.

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