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Why Having Friends Is Good For You

Friends are the family who aren’t family, that we love and sometimes hate. The bond and relationship between friends is hard to explain — they’re just great. And apparently, having good friends is really good for you. Here’s what they offer:

Good feelings

Why Having Friends Is Good For You
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Having friends around you is undoubtedly an instant mood booster and it’s not hard to see why. Humans are social creatures, and spending time with other like-minded individuals helps to bring out feelings of happiness, joy, and contentment. Friends can also significantly reduce your stress; going out to eat together, driving together, and just doing mundane things together can take your mind off the more difficult things in life.


two young women having fun
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The easiest thing our pals can give us is companionship. In times of loneliness and isolation, the presence of a good friend lifts us up. The knowledge that you have a companion to do life with is a comforting fact. You’ll feel better knowing that you won’t have to face the hard moments alone, and that you’ll always have a buddy with you through all the good times and the bad.

Personal development

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Aside from family, our close friends are probably the only ones who will ever call us out on our bad behavior. The good thing about forming close friendships is that we can trust these people to motivate us, inspire us, and push us to do better. It can be as small as having a gym buddy to form an exercise routine with, or as big as a friend encouraging us to quit smoking. Whatever the matter, our friends have an influence on us and they definitely play a hand in our formation as people.


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Through the difficult moments in life, we can always depend on a friend to help us through it. Our friends are often the invisible support system that pulls us through breakups, breakdowns, family problems, illnesses, etc. They’ll offer up emotional support, like advice or validation, and sometimes will just be there when you need them. This makes a huge difference in the way we approach hardships and can help greatly with our own emotional development and coping mechanisms.

The bottom line is, when you have a solid group of buddies, your life and overall emotional health is better! Good friends will lift you up and keep you grounded at the same time, never failing to be a pillar of support when you need them. Appreciate the friends you have and don’t be afraid to make new ones!

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