As the COMELEC deadline for voter registration approaches, more and more citizens are rushing to line up for their chance to vote in next year’s May elections.

We hear stories of unbearably long queues at ungodly hours, difficulty in securing COMELEC appointments, and just plain frustration at the whole process.

Given all this, registering to vote seems like the biggest hassle we can take on now, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Many ask themselves, ‘What does it matter if my vote won’t count anyways?’

Well, despite your apprehensions, we’re here to tell you that your vote definitely does matter. And that you can’t do it without registering first. So, here are four reasons why you need to register to vote before September 30.

It’s basically your tax money

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Are you aware of where your tax money goes? We can easily assume it lands in the pockets of corrupt officials, but it’s also used to fund government projects, purchase supplies and materials, and so on and so forth. When you vote, you are choosing where your hard-earned tax money goes. Be it healthcare or educational programs, it’s yours to choose.

It will affect your quality of life

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If you’ve ever felt the annoyance of being under crooked politicians, you are experiencing firsthand how a bad vote can affect your life. Skipping out on your right to vote means that you will no longer have a say on who gets to sit in office, which gives bad politicians a better chance at winning. Remember that tax cuts, minimum wage, and other policies are all things that you vote for when you vote in a new candidate.

It’s not just for you, but your community too

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If it’s not enough to register to vote for yourself, do it for your community! Many candidates have outlined plans on what they plan to implement in your community and country as a whole. That can mean more public spaces, better public transportation, and an overall better place to live for you and your loved ones.

It’s your chance to make a change

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Government officials in charge often seem to forget that the power lies in the people. If you’re unhappy with the way things are in your neighborhood, your region, or your country, you have the power to change that! Voting is a right, not a privilege and it was expressly given to the citizens of the nation so that they can choose good governance.

Make your voice heard now and register to vote by making an appointment through the COMELEC site or your respective barangay. COMELEC offices are open Monday to Fridays, 8AM to 5PM. They’ve also extended their hours to include Saturdays and holidays, 8AM-5PM.

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