Why You Shouldn’t Work at the Dining Table

One of the many problems about shifting from an office job to a remote setup is that your home probably isn’t as well-equipped. You’re missing the ergonomic office chair, the designated workstation, and maybe even the high-speed internet connection. The short commute from your bed to the dining table sounds initially sounds ideal but there are cons for not having a designated workstation.

Lack of Boundaries

Now that work and personal life are conducted in the same space, it’s important to set boundaries between the two. Nina Bartmann, a Senior Behavioral Researcher, explains, “Due to a lack of physical distance between work and home, it has become ever more tempting to pull up your laptop late at night or on the weekends.” If you eat and work at the same table, it might be harder to compartmentalize.

Countless Distractions

The dining room isn’t a conducive workplace, especially when you live with other people. There’ll be chewing or chatter from household members, and when you’re in a videocall meeting, they could unintentionally photobomb and disrupt the workflow. It’s even less conducive when your home has an open-plan layout because there’s noise echoing from all corners.

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Photo by Dan Barrett on Unsplash

Back Problems

Crossing out the bed and sofa, the dining table is the next best option to work at because it isn’t as plush and you aren’t tempted to lay down. The downside of the dining table chair is the absence of lumbar support. This makes it uncomfortable to sit there for longer periods, and you’re likely going to be hunched over your laptop, which could be a cause for back pain.

crop unrecognizable woman showing chiropractor painful spot on back
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Having a separate home office is a luxury most can’t afford, but there are still ways around this. Foldable tables are easy to stow away when they’re not in use and small desks aren’t a bad investment if you have space. You might want to consider buying a laptop stand, as well as a wireless mouse and keyboard, to make working from home more pleasant.


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