Oxford Study Reveals Meme Senders Are Good Friends

Sharing is caring, after all

People whose love language is memes are the kind of people that many should keep. According to the study of Dr. Mary Kempnich, a psychologist at Oxford University, senders of a meme or a funny picture are trying their best to stay connected.

In a video uploaded last June 23, 2023, sending memes is a testament to someone’s effort to keep in touch. This comes as a more viable replacement instead of sharing five-paragraph stories of how your day went or scheduling the next big hangout with the whole group chat’s participation.

“You’re not expecting them to reply. You’re not asking them anything that they need to sort of elaborate on and it doesn’t really matter how your day is going,” Dr. Kempnich said. “You’re basically just showing each other that you exist, you care, and you wanna make each other laugh.”

She added, “It’s essentially saying, ‘Hey I’m thinking of you and I know you will appreciate this.’”

Memes are essential

In a more recent TikTok post, the psychologist discussed this shared experience—and highlighted that it’s not as uncommon as people think.

“Responding to a message of a friend you care about actually takes some time and requires you to put in some effort especially if they’ve asked you questions that are not very easily answered in a minute or two,” Dr. Kempnich said.

Meanwhile, “scrolling passively” comes off as a more relaxing and distracting activity, especially if you’ve been drained the whole day.

If you’re the receiver of these virtual pick-me-uppers, Dr. Kempnich urges you to not underestimate the power of a meme and “leave a little like or a heart” to let your friend know that you’re there but for some reason maybe preoccupied or you just happen to have run out of social battery that day.

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