Paw-renting Their Fluffy Babies: A Different Breed Of Mothers Open Up

These moms are all about their furbabies!

Motherhood can take many shapes and forms. Aunties, big sisters, and grandmothers sometimes stand in for mothers. Another type of mom out there is those who are into paw-renting. In other words, people who see their cat/dog/pet as their children.

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Here are some paw-rents who shared their stories with FreebieMNL.

Hannah, media producer

pawrent hannahs yue
Image courtesy of Hannah Paguila

Paw-renting cats (Bella, 4; Pulo, 3; Yue, 2; Ace and Lilo, 10 months)

I don’t see myself having human babies in the next 5 years. Right now I’m still trying to work out financing my sport (surfing), helping out the family, and paw-renting. I still feel like I’m not doing enough for the cats and I need to make up for that. They deserve love and care no less than humans. Once I’ve sorted that out, I may reconsider having kids.

Bella was a gift to us from a family friend when their cat gave birth. The rest of the cats are either her offspring or her descendant. I didn’t plan on having pets but since Bella was a gift to the family, I learned to love them. They let me see what it’s like to have more responsibility.

I’m amazed by how they can sense when I’m down — particularly Bella, Lilo, and Yue. They would insist to hang out in my room and nap with me.

One of my favorite memories is with Yue. I was fresh from an appendectomy. He was only a few weeks old. I was sleeping on the sofa and when I woke up, Yue (a tiny kitten then) was sleeping on my tummy. His purring felt like healing vibrations.

Leia, college student

pawrent aleia and pet
Image courtesy of Leia

Paw-renting cat Nala, 6, and dogs Loki, 3; Bonbon, 2

I don’t plan on having any human babies. Paw-renting is much more fulfilling. Children are more complicated as opposed to animals.

We adopted Loki from my mom’s good friend before she passed. Nala came from a breeder in Marikina at the height of my worst depressive episode. Bonbon came to us by way of my cousin.

There are times when they’re the only reason I still manage to get up in the morning. They make me feel loved and appreciated when they cuddle with me before bed. They got me through the worst of times and I can’t imagine life without them.

My favorite memory with Nala is the day I picked him. I took him home because I felt a strong connection with him. I kinda felt he would take care of me in return. Don’t tell Loki and Bonbon but Nala is my favorite!

Maddie, artist

pawrent patyas murphy
Image courtesy of Maddie

Paw-renting dogs Maki, 13; Murphy, 7; Tanya, 12

I plan to have kids in the far future. It would help my kid learn how to care for something other than herself/himself. If I treat my dogs right, they’ll love my child.

We bought all the dogs from a breeder. It feels nice to have someone to come home to. To be responsible for something that needs protection and love.

They all look peaceful and happy when they sleep in my room. It’s something they all insist on doing.

Sam, writer

pawrent sam and dog

Paw-renting cat Yael, 12 and dogs Maessy, 10; Douch, 4; Phoebe, 4

My husband and I don’t see ourselves having human kids. Our furbabies are enough. Paw-renting is tough enough in this economy, and human babies would be even tougher for us.

Douch and Yael came into my life when they were babies. Maessy and Phoebe were gifts from my husband. I became a full-time mom while trying to juggle work and housework.

I love seeing them explore and run around when we travel! It’s something they usually can’t do in the metro.

Featured Image Daniella Sison

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