Save Money With Life By Petto’s Pet Plans

Because we only want what’s best for our furbabies.

Pets bring out the best in us. Having a furbaby can bring us so much positivity, especially regarding our mental health

But before you decide to become a pawrent, you should know that this role is a big responsibility and costly to boot. Aside from providing your pets with food and shelter, you should also regularly take them to groomers and veterinary clinics. 

Luckily, the pet parents behind Life by Petto, the first app-based pet health plan service in Metro Manila, came up with a way to make furbabies’ and pawrents’ lives easier by providing quality care for your pets. 

Despite the increasing number of pet owners in recent years, there’s still a gap in the local pet health and wellness services market. That’s where Life by Petto comes in.

Protect Your Furbaby

You can avail of Life by Petto’s basic health plan for only P1,200/month. This covers the primary health and wellness needs of your furbaby, including accidents, common illnesses, diagnostics, and vaccines.

You can also customize your plan’s coverage through the “My Petto Plan Add-ons.” You can take advantage of cancer treatment, dental services, neutering/spaying, and others.

No matter what breed, all cats and dogs from three months onwards are accepted as long as they’re in good health when you register. That means you should make sure everything is in order before you pick up your smartphone and sign up for a pet plan.

Aside from customizing your plan through the app, you can also check available vet clinics, file claims, get multi-pet plans, and manage your balance, whenever and wherever you are.

The app is now downloadable through the App Store and Google Play. You can also visit their website for more details. 

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