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Philippine Science High School Is Now Accepting Applications From Incoming Seventh Graders

The deadline is on November 15, 2022.

Philippine Science High School (PSHS) is now accepting scholarship applications for 2023-2024. PSHS will conduct selections through its Requirement for Admission, Criteria, and Evaluation (RACE). This is instead of the National Competitive Exam (NCE). It’s now the third consecutive year that the NCE is on hold because of the pandemic.

Daily records of COVID-19 cases are lower than in previous years. But PSHS chose to use RACE to avoid exposing thousands of examinees nationwide to the virus.

Criteria for eligibility

There are several basic requirements. Applicants must be Filipino citizens with no plans to migrate to any foreign country. They should not be older than 15 years old by June 30, 2023. They must also have at least a satisfactory score in their character rating.

The most important application requirements are the student’s grades and health. Applicants must have a final grade of 85% or better in science and mathematics. The school does accept grades below 85%. But applicants need to provide evidence that they belong to the upper 10% of their batch. Students must also be in good health and fit to undergo a rigorous academic program.

Philippine Science High School selection procedure

The PSHS RACE has two stages. The first involves determining the applicant’s predicted NCE grade. This comes from their final grades in science and mathematics in Grade 5. Those are then combined with accumulated scores from their current academic rank. The second stage is a review of the applicant’s personal essay on a particular topic.

PSHS will then rank each applicant from highest to lowest based on their final scores. The top 240 applicants are principal qualifiers for the main campus in Quezon City. Students can qualify regardless if they’re from Metro Manila or elsewhere in the country.

The top 90 or 120 applicants are principal qualifiers for the 15 regional campuses. The number of accepted students depends on the quota of each specific campus.

Significant benefits for students and parents

PSHS scholars are eligible for plenty of benefits. They have a lot of advantages. These include free tuition, free textbook loans, and a monthly stipend. Students from low-income groups are also eligible for uniforms, transportation, and living allowances. Dormitories are also available for those who live far from campus.

These subsidies can help parents struggling to give their kids a quality education. It’s especially helpful when you take the current state of our economy into account.

Being a PSHS scholar means going through a tough academic program. But this also means getting significant advantages heading into college. The school covers subjects that go beyond the usual K-12 program. This means that students are more prepared for the tertiary academic load.

A message from a Philippine Science High School alumna

PSHS, or what many call Pisay, is not for everyone. With the rigorous academic program comes tough competition from fellow students. It can take a toll on you in many ways.

The school’s high standards come with exceptional quality education. PSHS teaches the required K-12 subjects. They also encourage students to take electives and join clubs for various interests. Its program is tough because it’s meant to prepare everyone for the many challenges that lie ahead.

I’m almost 20 years removed from that school and I still carry its teachings with me. Much of my learning and decision-making behaviors are ones I picked up in Pisay. My very best friends are people I met there.

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For current students, make the most of your time in that school. Do your best in your classes but don’t forget to enjoy time with your friends. For those considering applying for the PSHS RACE, good luck!


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