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Refine Your Home with These Simple Design Tips

Home makeovers are fun side-projects to tackle when your space starts feeling a little stale. It’s small changes like light fixtures and wall paint that can instantly turn your space from tacky to classy. Refine the look of your home with these simple design tips that won’t break the bank.

Add Texture to the Room

A common mistake people do when picking out furniture and décor is having the same fabrics and texture for everything. Because everything is just blended in, it makes the space fall flat. Throw pillows, rugs, and curtains are easy swaps to add to texture and dimension.

Refine Your Home with These Simple Design Tips
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Bring Nature Indoors

Indoor plants not only liven up space but also are low maintenance. They won’t need much tending and the greenery is a refreshing sight. Aside from the usual succulents and snake plants, arranged flower bouquets make for elegant centerpieces. Just find a nice vase to put them in.

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Better Lighting

Natural lighting is always the best way to brighten up space. Don’t block the windows and add extra light sources around the area. Exchange your basic fixtures for pendant lights or a chandelier to act as a statement piece and use ambient lighting to soften the mood.  

Replace Old Hardware

This trick is highly recommended by designers and DIY-ers because it’s affordable and easy to do. Subtle replacements like new knobs for your cabinets will make a difference. Your once-dated hardware will now look sleek and modern.

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Have a Gallery Wall

Doing this adds a personal touch to space. Hanging your own artwork is a practical option but you could also buy art to frame. Choose prints that complement the aesthetic of the space but still add a pop of color. If framed art isn’t your thing, you could add an accent wall instead.

It’s not necessarily about how much you spend on furnishing and décor that make a home feel luxe. Take inspiration from these simple design tips and give your space a budget makeover.

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