Is Relationship Weight Gain Really A Thing And If So, What Can We Do About It?

Is it love, or is it lasagna?

You’ve seen people gain weight in relationships. You might even be experiencing this right now. After all, it’s normal. But why do we gain weight when we’re in a committed relationship? Well, research has an answer to that.

The reason behind relationship weight gain

To answer that, we must tackle why we try to lose weight in the first place. Simple put, many of us lose weight to look attractive. But the need to be attractive becomes less urgent upon finding the one. That’s why people in relationships gain weight.

You don’t need to feel attractive to anyone else when you’re in a relationship. No one else will see you naked. The happier you are with your partner, the more likely you are to gain weight.

Around 57% of married couples have admitted to gaining weight after one year. They’re so in love that they don’t care about their appearance. Good for them, right? No. It isn’t always a good thing.

The couple that diets together stays together

Let’s say your relationship makes you happy, but you now have body image issues.

Because weight gain is contagious, dieting together should help. When you live with a partner, you eat the same things. You also tend to adopt each other’s eating habits.

When you diet together, you can discipline each other. You both say goodbye to chocolates, junk food, and midnight snacks. You’ll suffer together, but you can take comfort in the fact that it’s for the best.

Choose an active lifestyle

This will help strengthen your bond. Do whatever it takes to keep each other on the move. Go biking or jogging together! You can also get an expensive gym membership. You’ll have no choice but to use it because you spent a lot on it.

There are loads of activities that you can do as a couple that will help you get back in shape. All you have to do is communicate and get creative.

Think of what life was like before the weight gain

Remind yourselves of the days when you wanted to impress each other with your hot bodies. You love each other as you are now, but don’t forget that you fell for one another while smoking hot. So try to impress each other again!

Couple goals

Now you have to think of the future. Do you two want to be the hot power couple that turns heads? Or do you want to be the fit couple that other couples aspire to be? What if you have kids? Don’t you want to be fit to run around with them?

Setting goals together will help your relationship last. No couple goes the distance if they only think of the present. You have to think of your future too.

Weight gain can be hard. But luckily, you’re not alone. You and your partner are happy with each other! If a few extra pounds doesn’t weaken your relationship, that’s fine.

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Enjoy life and food together! You guys are the lucky ones, after all.

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