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Should You Share the Bed With Your Dog?

Dog owners love being around their furry friends and would want to spend as much time with them as possible. It’s not unusual for some people to share the bed with their dog, even though others may frown upon this idea. Here’s what experts have to say about this and whether you should get them their own bed or kennel. 

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Reasons Why Fur Parents Choose to Sleep Next their Dogs

The American Pet Products Association conducted a survey to understand why fur parents choose to sleep next to their dogs. They factored in how many people sleep in the bed and the size of the dog. These were the results:

  • Those who were single and lived alone were more likely to allow their pets in bed. This is considering the dog was a small to medium-sized breed to comfortably accommodate them both.
  • Those who spend most of their day away from their pets may want to make up for the lost time.
  • If a dog has separation anxiety, it’ll want to be near its owners.
  • Some people simply enjoy their pet’s companionship.

Why Experts Advice Against Sharing the Bed

The top reason why experts advise against sharing the bed with your pets is due to health and hygiene. This can easily be resolved by regularly bathing pets, grooming them, getting all the required vaccines, and frequently changing the sheets. It will also help if the dog is potty trained, so they won’t wet the bed. Aside from that, there’s not much to worry about.

Allowing your dog on the bed means less space for you to roll around and stretch. But if that’s not an issue, there’s no harm in letting your dog rest by your foot or cuddling with them while you sleep. What matters is your sleep quality isn’t compromised. Rest assured that it’s rare to transmit illnesses between humans and pets, especially if both are in good health.

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