FreebieMNL - Singer Dodie taste tests food while she has COVID-19 and she can’t taste anything

Singer Dodie taste tests food while she has COVID-19 and she can’t taste anything

One of the common symptoms of COVID-19 is a lost of taste and/or smell. This is one of the warning signs that people watch out for, but to what extent will our senses of taste and smell be affected? Singer-songwriter and YouTuber Dodie Clark puts this to the test. 

In her vlog channel doddlevloggle, Dodie shared that she was recently infected with the COVID-19 virus. Because of this, she and her housemates are quarantining together. She also shared that she will be continuing to release content on her vlog channel while she has the virus, and the first of these videos is a taste test to see how being sick with COVID-19 has affected her senses. 

In the video, Dodie tries food with wildly different flavor profiles to try and see if she can guess them. While she was able to guess some of them, Dodie admits that she doesn’t taste them as is and they’re more of a sensation on her mouth. She recognizes if something is spicy or sour, but she’s not sure as to what they are. 

Dodie also couldn’t smell any of them. 

As Dodie has shown, people who experience loss of taste and smell as a symptom of COVID-19 won’t be able to taste anything right while they have the virus. And in some cases, for some time. 

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