Spotify Reveals Upcoming App Redesign Similar To TikTok

Here’s an exciting new feature from Spotify!

Spotify has announced exciting new features and an app redesign during its “Stream On” event on March 9. These features aim to make the platform the best home for artists to grow their careers while inspiring the world with their creativity.

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The new mobile interface has a redesign that emphasizes visuals and advanced recommendations. With this, Spotify aims to make it easier to discover new music.

Users can now explore personalized audio and visual previews of playlists, albums, podcast episodes, and audiobooks all in one place. They can also save, share, or follow artists and podcasts from this page. Think TikTok‘s “for you page,” but for music streaming only.

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Photo by Spotify

Spotify’s “Smart Shuffle” automatically adjusts the order of songs in a playlist to match users’ moods and preferences. This allows users to enjoy their music without having to skip through songs they don’t like. It creates a more natural and personalized listening experience. “Smart Shuffle” mode is only available to Spotify Premium subscribers in the US and Canada.

During the event, Spotify highlighted “DJ,” a new personalized AI guide that suggests songs based on the user’s listening history. The AI can make a music lineup exclusively for the user by gathering data on music preferences.

Spotify has over 500 million users, with 205 million subscribers in over 180 markets. These new features will be rolled out to other countries in the coming months.

With these new features, Spotify aims to strengthen the connections between artists and fans. They also intend to give users a more active role in discovering new music.

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