How Spotify Podcasts Bring Comfort, Creativity To Filipinos

More than music, Spotify caters to Filipino creativity and comfort!

Filipinos have it in their blood—to find comfort and channel creativity in the most stressful times. This claim is substantiated even more strongly by research that says almost 40% of Filipinos resort to podcasts in an attempt to alleviate distress and sadness.

Bearing it in mind, it backs the idea that meaningful connections go beyond the physical— they can thrive even in the digital space as more and more users turn to podcasts for their content fix. 

Podcasts as avenue for creativity

The creator-user relationship is made more evident as Spotify saw a stream surge in its Love and Relationship genre from 2021 to 2023. 

Pop Culture, Self-improvement, and Comedy succeed with 140%, 130%, and 100% hike respectively. 

Spotify podcasts

The notable consumption and interest  seen within the given timeframe indicates the need to put out more content for people’s engagement and relatability. As user figures jump to unprecedented levels, the demand for compelling content will create niche per niche creativity within the landscape. 

As the creator of Free Yourself podcast Gayle de Chavez puts it, “I consider starting my podcast as one of my biggest achievements, where I leverage technology to express my authenticity.

“Through Spotify’s Q and A, and polls feature, the engagement from my community of listeners has motivated me to commit to creating content for as long as I can.”

Podcasts as a community 

More than the actualization that creators get from upbeat audience reception, listeners, above others, benefit the most. One in three Filipinos attest that they feel a sense of inclusion when listening to their favorite creators.

As this is the case, users are able to utilize content within a few clicks—ultimately harnessing them to their advantage and implementing insightful experiences to build a sense of community and belongingness. 

Co-host of Camp Confidence podcast Rizza Lana-Sebastian shares, “Podcasting has empowered me to reach heights I never imagined I could achieve. From starting as a woman with no background in public speaking to now being considered as the ‘online ate’ of thousands of listeners, it is really the support of the community and Spotify that has helped unlock this kind of personal growth.” 

Spotify podcasts

Spotify is a mission-backed streaming service that dates back to 2008. It aims to unlock human creativity all while providing an avenue of joy for listeners. To date, Spotify has 515 million users, 210 million of which are premium subscribers. 

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