Sitting & Stressing At A Desk All Day? Here’s What You Can Do Instead

Take it from someone who’s stressed 24/7

If you’ve ever felt down or stressed while sitting in front of your desk all day, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve all been there and, like us, you most likely want to help ease yourself of that feeling. So FreebieMNL‘s going to hand you tips to make your stressful day more manageable.

To help lessen stress, however, you first need to understand where it comes from and why you experience it.

What is stress?

Stress is your body’s reaction to anything that demands your attention or action. The stress reaction in your body exists to protect you as it allows you to respond immediately, whether that’s to fight or sprint. As a result, stress is also known as the fight-or-flight reaction.

Any change that creates physical, emotional, or psychological distress is considered stress. To some extent, everyone is stressed, but how you respond to stress significantly impacts your general well-being.

What happens to your body when you’re stressed out?

When your brain identifies a threat to your safety, your body immediately releases a flood of stress chemicals. You become more vigilant as a result. Your pupils dilate, and your heart rate and breathing rate increase. Your heart sends more oxygen to your muscles, giving you extra strength and speed.

Things to do when you’re stressed

One of the easiest ways to reduce stress is to practice heavy breathing. This is an excellent strategy to lessen sympathetic nervous system activation, which governs the body’s response to a perceived threat. Deep breaths that are taken in for five seconds and held for two seconds, then released for five seconds will activate your parasympathetic nervous system. Through that, deep breathing can help lower tension and anxiety.

Have you heard of the saying, “When your body is healthy, your mind is healthy?” Well, it doesn’t get more real than that. Keeping your body healthy does contribute a lot to better mental health. This is why its recommended that we all exercise at least 15-30 minutes daily and to pay attention to our nutrition.

Stress can deplete key vitamins, such as A, B complex, C, and E; thus, nutrition is critical. Maintaining an adequate diet benefits your body and mind, allowing you to handle stress better.

Lastly, we recommend you focus less on the online world and pay more attention to your offline life. According to several studies, social media is a potent stress source. Not only what you see online stresses you but also how you react to it.

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Taking time off your gadgets helps you pay more attention to the world around you. It enables you to connect with others, like your friends or family, and receive more personal support. After all, humans are social beings that need a sense of community. Whether at home, work, or in a religious organization, connecting with others is vital to your welfare.

Participating in a common activity allows you to get support and cultivate relationships that get you through difficult times. Although, it can also be with few people, especially for introverts. Spending time with your closest friends and families can already be a big help to reducing stress.

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