We’re foreseeing the return of NFTs

The beauty of technology is that it evolves constantly. Concepts society deemed radical or unfathomable in as short a time span as 50 years ago, like smart phones or social media, are not just a reality but now almost universally ingrained in our daily lives. What the next half-century holds for technological innovation, we can all make educated guesses. But in the distant future, say the tech trends in 2023, forecasting is a bit more achievable. Based on the advancements these past years, these are just some of the major digital trends that will become increasingly relevant in a post-pandemic, fully-digital world. 

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Metaverse will become a way of life

The metaverse is more than a term associated with Marvel movies. The term refers to an immersive internet where we’ll be able to work, game, and socialize—a single, shared, integrated 3D online space where people experience life in ways they can’t in the physical world. Meanwhile, others suggest the metaverse will ultimately be a decentralized, block chain-based ecosystem that allows users to create open source applications of their preference, and to take part in digital commerce.

Regardless, virtual technology (virtual and augmented reality) is a primary feature of the metaverse, allowing immersive communication experiences. It’s predicted by many that the metaverse will add a cool US$5 trillion to the global economy by 2030—essentially becoming an immense component of the internet’s future. Further, 2023 is likely when the metaverse’s trajectory for the next decade becomes more defined. 

As the metaverse continues to converge diverse technologies and evolve into new applications, we can expect it will have an intense impact on our daily work, play, and life across all industries and sectors, reshaping the economy and society for all humankind.


Rise of humanoid robots 

It’s not yet the “Terminator,” but the presence of human-like robots will be more prevalent in the years to come. Though current estimates value humanoid robots at US$320.3 million, it is projected to multiply exponentially to US$3.9 billion within the next few years. The majority of these applications are now found within the education sector and the retail industry, where robots will be able to take on customer service tasks. Everything from delivery services, care for the elderly to admin work is being considered as potential work opportunities for these machines. 

In the years to come, humanoid robots will likely become a mundane part of our lives—especially as we inch closer to living in a sci-fi movie. It’s hardly a surprise that the market for this technology will boom as robots become increasingly capable of replicating some real aspects of human behavior. 

The comeback of NFTs 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will make a return in as one of the tech trends of 2023, becoming a more legitimate form of digital currency—potentially becoming a significant way to interact with the digital products and services offered. NFT tickets to concerts, for instance, can potentially give you access to VIP experiences and merch. Companies will use NFTs in the form of loyalty programs and digital collectibles with IRL benefits for owners. Starbucks, for instance, is launching an NFT-based loyalty program in 2023 called Odyssey. This is the first of many new programs launched by brands developed to deepen loyalty and provide value in new ways.

AI will be omnipresent 

Another listed for top tech trends in 2023: artificial intelligence will become an integral element to many organizations. No-code AI, with its user-friendly drag-and-drop interfaces, can enable businesses to utilize their powers to create more intelligent products and services. AI is already making its mark in the retail market. Popular online personal styling service Stitch Fix uses AI-enabled algorithms to recommend outfits to their customers based on their preferences. 

The pandemic may have accelerated it, but contactless, autonomous shopping and delivery will continue to grow in relevance in the new year. AI will make it far more user-friendly for buyers to purchase and receive goods and services. AI will augment almost every job in every business process across countless industries. More and more businesses will make use of AI to manage and automate the intricate and complicated inventory processes that we as consumers don’t see upfront.


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The future you might have envisioned as an inquisitive kid is slowly becoming a reality, as technocrats and scientists (i.e the nerds) continue to innovate daily—the world we inhabit slowly creeping towards a season of Charlie Brooker’s “Black Mirror.” And moving forward, we cannot help but feel cautious optimism—it’s truly an invigorating time in the world of tech.

Words Art Vandelay

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