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This Filipino Uber Driver Shares His Secret to Earning Millions on NFT-Based Games

“Kaka-computer mo ‘yan.”

Every millennial child growing up must have heard their parents say this at some point but who would have thought that you can earn millions while playing the game that you love, right? This is what happened to Kookoo Crypto, a Filipino college dropout who eventually worked as a waiter and an Uber driver.

Of course, education comes first but if your dream is to really earn from your love for gaming or just curious how all of this works, you might find some inspiration and ideas from his story.

Although Kookoo Crypto admits his story might sound “too good to be true,” he says, “I want to share to fellow Pinoys how I was able to afford my dream house and how I retired my parents while at home in my sando through playing a video game that I love.”

His fortune changed after reading an article on how Filipinos were earning during the pandemic from Axie Infinity. This encouraged him to download the game, learn how breed and increase the rank of his pets or “Axies”, and later sell them to other players for around $50 to $100 each.

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KooKoo Crypto now wants to share his knowledge to NFT gaming enthusiasts through an exclusive master class at Nas Academy Philippines.

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Kookoo Crypto’s “Become an Axie Infinity Trainer” master class in Nas Academy Philippines includes video-on-demand lessons and Zoom sessions where he discusses the crypto ecosystem, the basics of Axie Infinity, how play-to-earn works, complex gameplay strategy, and other pro tips and tricks. He will also conduct a regular “ask me anything” session to ensure his students are up-to-date with the latest releases of the game. 

Apart from Kookoo Crypto’s master class, Nas Academy is also offering courses given by world-renowned crypto experts such as Harvard undergraduate turned multimillionaire Ben Yu who teaches full video courses on crypto for beginners, how to master NFTs in 7 days, and soon even Web3 Development. Ben Yu’s first class also minted over a thousand exclusive Nas Academy x Curious Addy’s NFTs in OpenSea.

If you are interested to enroll and learn more about crypto programs offered by Nas Academy Philippines, you can visit this link.

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