Heads up, Apple silently confirmed a “serious problem” on the iPhone 12

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Image: Apple

Last October, Apple unveiled its new flagship phone, the iPhone 12, to much fanfare. Since then, iPhone 12s have been flying off the shelves, but their buyers may have to deal with serious hardware defects.

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Image: Apple Support Communities

According to Apple news reporters MacRumors, Apple has “silently acknowledged” that the displays of some iPhone 12 units have exhibited “flickering, a green or grey glow, or other unintended lighting variations” when put under certain lightings, as seen above.

Additionally, Apple has been barring service for affected iPhones momentarily, which could only mean that they’re still trying to mend the problem in upcoming iOS updates. This isn’t surprising — recently, Apple notified users to update to the latest iOS 12.4.1, which brought timely fixes to perceived audio quality issues, unresponsive lock screens, and misbehaving MMS messages.

apple support communities
Image: Apple Support Communities
Image: Forbes

The problem may be barely noticeable under regular conditions, but if you use your phone in a variety of scenarios, then displays issues like this one may be bothersome. Besides, you would want to experience a premium phone if you paid the premium price.

Users recall experiencing the same “green display” issue when the iPhone 11 line came out, which tells us that Apple already knows what it’s dealing with.

Now, why Apple didn’t manage to fix it in the iPhone 12, and what Apple plans to do to prevent the same for iPhone 13, remains to be heard of.

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