How To Check Your “Favorites” On Instagram

How To Check Your "Favorites" On Instagram

You may have been on Instagram platform for years, but did you know that Instagram has a ‘Favorites’ list? You might be thinking, “Is that another term for my ‘Close Friends’ list?” The answer is no, your ‘Favorites’ is not the same as your curated ‘Close Friends’ list. At the same time, these accounts might not be the same ones on the top of your Story viewers list either. 

So what’s your ‘Favorites’ list, exactly? This list contains the Instagram accounts that show up on your grid first. When you open Instagram through your mobile app or browser, you see their posts first, regardless of when their last post was published. 

As per TechCrunch, a similar feature already exists on Instagram’s sister company, Facebook. On Facebook, you can choose up to 30 friends or Facebook Pages whose posts get shown higher in the News Feed.

Like your ‘Close Friends’ list, only you can view your ‘Favorites’ list. What’s cool about the ‘Favorites’ list is that you can add or remove accounts. These accounts won’t be notified when you do so. You can also edit the list anytime, so you have some control over what you see on your feed. 

So how can you check and edit your ‘Favorites’ list on Instagram, anyway? You simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Switch to a professional account. First thing’s first: you can only view this feature if you’re using a professional account…for now. If your account is on private, you have to switch it to a professional account to access your ‘Favorites’ list. To put things into perspective, the switch automatically turns makes your account public. On the other hand, you can easily switch back to a private personal account if privacy is important to you. 

To switch to a professional account, all you need to do is go to Settings > Account > and at the very bottom of the page, click “Switch to Professional Account.” You just have to answer a few questions, and you’re good to go. 

  1. Click on the three-bar option on the upper right of your page, and a ‘Favorites’ will appear. This is located below your ‘Close Friends’ list and above the ‘COVID-19 Information Center.’ From there, you’ll get to see the accounts Instagram’s first suggestions that are considered your ‘Favorites.’

Add or remove accounts accordingly. Just choose the accounts you wish to see first on your feed. This list is limited to the accounts you actually follow, so you can’t add those you’re secretly stalking (and not following).

Easy peasy, right? With Instagram releasing features left and right, it’s nice to know you still have some control over your feed.

Art Macky Arquilla

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