Instagram Replaces Swipe-Up Feature with Link Stickers

Instagram will no longer have the swipe-up feature starting on August 30.

Everyone who’s on Instagram is familiar with the swipe-up feature. It’s a nifty feature that allows select users to include links to external websites through their stories. Those who had this function were either verified profiles or has at least 10,000 followers, like small businesses or influencers. However, the swipe-up feature will only be available until the end of the month as Instagram is replacing it with Link Stickers.

Instagram Replaces Swipe-Up Feature with Link Stickers
Photo: Instagram

Improved Linking Feature

Back in June, The Verge reported that Instagram was already testing the Link Sticker. It operates similarly to the swipe-up feature, except users will be redirected to the external website with a tap instead of swiping up. In addition, the new linking system enables people to respond to stories that include a sticker — something that isn’t currently possible on stories that have a swipe up.

Introducing Sticker Links

Stickers are not new to the app, with stories having Location, Mention, and Hashtag stickers, among others. Vishal Shah, Instagram’s former head of product, believes stickers are more fitting for the platform and shares that they are planning for a wide rollout in the future. “[Link Stickers] brings links into the same kind of overall system, which from a simplicity of system perspective, also makes a lot of sense,” he told The Verge.

Photo: Instagram

Benefits of Sticker Links

Social Media Today notes some of the benefits the Sticker Link will have. This includes a streamlined stories creation experience, added creative control, and further engagement. While it might take some getting used to, the update could be a considerable improvement for brands and content creators in terms of driving traffic.

For now, only those who already have access to the swipe-up feature will get Sticker Links when it’s officially rolled out. Instagram is still evaluating whether it will open the new feature to everyone. When fallen into the wrong hands, it could lead to the spread of misinformation and spam.


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