Instagram reveals IG Shopping feature, and users are not happy about it

Instagram is always surprising us with their current innovations and updates, but we’re not to sure about the latest one.

This month, Instagram introduced a new feature on the app: Instagram Shopping. With a lot of small online stores setting up shop on Instagram, it makes sense that Instagram has taken this move in order to help small business owners. Taking inspiration from Facebook’s Marketplace, IG Shopping is a place where you can discover online shops and their products.

However, the change in the platform wasn’t exactly welcomed. It’s garnered a lot of debate, especially with netizens who are happy with the idea that the distinct features of several platforms have been merging with each other.

Aside from the new feature, Instagram has added Reels for discovering short, funny videos from creators on the app.

Since acquiring Instagram in 2012, it’s become evident that Facebook has been a key player in social media with four major platforms under its belt. Lately, features between Instagram and Facebook have been merging more. Last September, Facebook announced the merge of messenger between Instagram and Facebook. The response has been lukewarm. Recently, Twitter introduced stories to its minimalistic brand positioning, a shocking step for many of its users.

Netizens worry that the platforms are slowly selling out and becoming a hodgepodge of social media features that take away from the unique characteristics of each platform.

With the constant changes in Instagram, among others, what is the future for other social media?


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