How ‘Murder In The Alps’ Helps Me Cope With My Mental Illness

I love solving crimes in beautiful locations!

When you hear the word “murder,” you don’t think of entertainment and relaxation, right? Fair enough, because murder is pretty serious business. Well, in my case, dealing with murder has been great for my mental health. Sound crazy? Let me give you a little more context. Here’s a hint: It has to do with the game Murder In The Alps.

All about ‘Murder In The Alps’

Enter Murder In The Alps. Its developer, Nordcurrent, calls it an “interactive crime novel with amazing gameplay.” While it seems easy to dismiss it as another hidden objects game, it’s more than that. I discovered the game when it came up as an ad while I was playing another game. It seemed intriguing, so I decided to check it out.


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The original story takes place in Europe during the 1930s. Anna Myers, a journalist from Zürich, Germany, goes to a beautiful hotel tucked away in the Alps. It seems like she’s all set for a nice vacation until one of the guests goes missing. Several weird occurrences follow. Eventually, as the game’s title suggests, someone is murdered.

Users play as Anna, who becomes an investigative journalist as the game progresses! While you have to find hidden objects in this game, there’s more to it. A lot of brain teasers and visual puzzles come up too! Among my favorites are the fingerprint kit mini-game and the pathfinder mini-game.

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Mental help

I’ve always been into crime shows and logical puzzles. Criminal Minds is a favorite because Dr. Spencer Reid is one of the best TV characters ever. While I’m terrible at math and anything related, decoding stuff is fun. So on days when I have trouble focusing or thinking, playing Murder In The Alps is helpful. It wakes my brain, improves my mood, and—once I’ve solved a tricky puzzle—gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

The storyline is continuous enough to bring a comforting sense of familiarity. That said, it also brings a good kind of disorientation. When I revisit a location to find a new set of things, I’ll discover someone rearranged it.

Solving crime is a great boost for me, and I’m sure you’ll love it too. Check it out today!

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Murder In The Alps is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and more. For details, visit the official website and official Facebook page.

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