Stardew Valley Mods: How They’re Changing The Gameplay

The right mod can elevate your experience in a significant way.

Mod, or modding, is the process of changing a game’s code or syntax. Stardew Valley is an 8-bit game with a modifiable code. People with a fair bit of knowledge about changing game codes went wild, and SDV mods are now a dime a dozen.

But before anything else, let’s backtrack and delve deeper into the game’s history.

Stardew Valley 101

The game was first released on February 26, 2016, by developer ConcernedApe. It’s a farming simulation game meant for Windows. Later, Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone released versions for console and mobile.

As a player, you inherit a farm from your grandpa in Stardew Valley. You can name your farm, plant crops, and raise animals. There are quests to go on, and there are 12 NPCs that you can interact with.

The gameplay is pretty simple. You build your farm, get married, go on quests, and even have kids. But mods are changing the game in more ways than one.

Stardew Valley mods

It may look intimidating at first, with all the files you need to download and install. But modding Stardew Valley is very easy.

First, you’d have to download SMAPI or Stardew Modding API. It’s the mother mod of most available mods for the game. Load that onto the mod folder, and you’re good to go.

Of course, the best mod out there is Stardew Valley Expanded. You’ll get 27 more NPCs and 50 more locations to visit, among other things. This mod reimagines the game, and the developer suggests you start a new save file with this mod.

Some mods allow you to turn NPCs into Pokemon. Another mod adds a tractor to your farm, making it easier to do things like sow seeds. Another, albeit simpler, mod allows you to jump over fences.

Modding is fun

Contrary to popular belief, modding the game won’t break it. You might experience glitches here and there, but mods won’t damage your existing save.

If you’re feeling iffy about a particular mod, it’s best to read reviews before loading it. Also, download from trusted sources such as Nexus Mods and the Stardew Valley Mod Forum.

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Stardew Valley is available to download on Steam for MacOS and Windows. You can also get it for your consoles or mobile phone.

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