Tech study shows this is the true top Android smartphone brand (nope, it’s not Samsung)

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As newly-released flagship phones continue to rake in the big numbers, and with the holidays looming nearer and nearer, the big players in the smartphone industry are certainly setting up for a big celebration, as they always do. Everyone will be upgrading to the latest units, and brands will boast their huge sales numbers by year-end to take their claim on top of the mountain.

Meanwhile, Nokia is telling a very different story. As it turns out, the Finnish corporation is ranking #1, but not on the list of brands with the most smartphones sold or best smartphone in terms of features — it’s leading as the smartphone company with the best mobile software and security updates.

That’s according to a survey conducted by research agency Counterpoint, who cites Nokia’s consistently prompt software updates and top-of-the-line cyber-security performance.

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Image: Counterpoint Research

In the study, Nokia apparently beat Samsung in terms of being issued the latest Android Pie software, with 96% of Nokia units already coming with the frontier OS. 

While Samsung came in second place, Chinese brand Xiaomi, which is in third, also overtook Samsung by ensuring that most of its mid-range products launch with the latest Android OS already.

Peter Richardson, the research director in charge of the study, shared that even the big smartphone brands are hardly paying attention to routine OS and security updates, that’s why “consumer awareness is also low, despite these being one of, if not the most critical elements in the continued safe performance of the smartphone.”

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Image: Counterpoint Research

Meanwhile, Nokia also lead the race in terms of how long a brand took to upgrade their portfolios to the latest software.

Why are these factors important? While most flagship phones will come with the latest software updates and security features, owners of mid-range or even low-range units are still entitled to safe and uncompromised use, especially when they expect to use these devices for the long run.

Also, as we’re all still stuck amidst a global pandemic and are thus relying heavily on our phones to fulfill our daily transactions, cyber-security should be any smartphone brand’s top priority.

Safe to say it was Nokia’s, and they were the best at it. 

Does this change your preference for your next phone?

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