The Wireless Revolution: How Bluetooth Headphones Took Over the Industry

Long gone are the days where we’d have to untangle that unsightly and stringy mess of cables that connected to our earphones. Now, we can simply pop our Bluetooth earphones into our ears and enjoy the sound of music without worry of any tangles ever again.

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With the evolution of headphones and the introduction of Bluetooth, our world of listening has increasingly become more comfortable, more convenient, and all the more trendy.

How it began

Headphones maintained a relatively consistent design all throughout the 20th and 21st century; it wasn’t until the early 2000s that Apple introduced a sleek, modern design for earbuds that everyone began to opt for earphones with the signature tangled wires.

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But somewhere along the way, Bluetooth was born and Bluetooth headsets and earpieces that were all the rage — but not with the youth. Often, we would see working adults and older people wearing Bluetooth headsets on the way to work.

Basically, they weren’t exactly considered “cool”.

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Though Bluetooth and Bluetooth design in technology would make its reappearance in a contemporary and stylish new product.

Not surprisingly, it was Apple, once again, who put the first foot forward in innovative design. With the onset of their very first line of Bluetooth earphones, dubbed “Airpods”, Apple’s idea became an instant success.

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The new tech featured a quality build, seamless connection with other Apple products, ability to use Siri, and built-in sensors to detect whether or not the earbuds are in your ear or not.

Many made the switch from the traditional earphones to the state-of-the-art Bluetooth earbuds as Airpods established itself as its own beast in the world of headphones.

Why we love it

Many ridiculed the Airpods design at first, for its hefty price and laughable concept. Earphones, without wires? That was weird and unheard of.

But in just the first two years of its introduction, Airpods became a hit, spawning a sequel product (“Airpods Pro”) and pressuring competitors like Samsung to come out with their own line of Bluetooth earphones (“Galaxy Buds”).

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And while Airpods and Galaxy Buds aren’t the only Bluetooth earphones on the market, it is undeniable that the majority of the public are all in for these kinds of products.

The success of Bluetooth headphones shows us, as consumers, that we value convenience and design the most. If it’s marketed right and seems convenient enough, then the price tag is worth it.

What do you think about these cool new innovations?


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