This app gives personalized astrology and measures your zodiac compatibility with people

When life gets too confusing, it’s sometimes comforting – albeit a little entertaining – to turn to the stars for guidance. You can find these astrology readings almost anywhere from memes to publications, but if you’re looking for something more advanced and personalized, I suggest you download the Co-Star app on your mobile device. 

Using your time, date, and place of birth, Co-Star generates your astrological chart. Here you’ll find your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs to get a more accurate reading on yourself. The app provides a daily reading based on your signs and even suggests things and activities to avoid on certain days. While personal reading is already a reason in itself for you to download this app, Co-Star has a friend feature so you can compare your charts with the people around you.

Once you add your friends on this app, you can check your compatibility with them. There are numerous factors to consider with regard to zodiac compatibility and Co-Star divides them into the following categories: basic identities, philosophies of life, sex & aggression, moods & emotions, intellect & communication, love & pleasure, and sense of responsibility. Aside from a general reading of your compatibility with someone, you’ll also get daily updates on it to somehow guide your relationship with them. 

If you do decide to download Co-Star, you can get them on Google Play or the App Store. To get the full Co-Star experience, turn on your notifications because they give interesting reminders.


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