This app lets you listen to radio stations across the globe – including ones from various PH provinces

Music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music have disrupted the way we listen to music – challenging traditional ways of getting dibs to the latest hits often heard first in radio stations. Yep, these apps have allowed listeners from various parts of the globe to discover different kinds of music at the palm of their hands – whenever, wherever. Sadly, it’s a different story when it comes to local music which only a few people have access to.

But what if you get the chance to listen to songs in Bisaya, Waray, Ilocano, Chavacano, Kapampangan, and other different kinds of local music? Would you listen to them?

Most often than not, when we hear Original Pinoy Music (OPM), the first thing that comes to mind are songs produced by composers and artists from Metro Manila. But the thing is, OPM goes beyond the mainstream and indie scene from the Metro. But due to geographical (or probably business reasons), the spotlight on music produced in regional areas doesn’t get much exposure.

So we ask: Have you ever gotten curious about how songs in other parts of the country sound like using their native tongue or what kind of songs other nations play around the clock? Well, you can now explore live radio by rotating a satellite image. Yep, you can including those that broadcast from different provinces in the Philippines!

Thanks to Radio Garden – a non-profit radio research project that began in 2013 in the Netherlands – you can now listen to stations from different parts of the globe by hovering on greens dot using Google Earth’s satellite image. Yep, you can now listen to airwaves from any continent using your device. Think of it like experiencing the kind of music other countries have to offer – just more convenient.

There are less than 10,000 radio stations registered stations under Radio Garden which means it still has limited reach. But hey, baby steps!

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