FreebieMNL - This Instagram tool lets you avoid ‘sensitive’ content

This Instagram tool lets you avoid ‘sensitive’ content

FreebieMNL - This Instagram tool lets you avoid ‘sensitive’ content

Don’t you find it bothersome when you see over sexual or violent content on your Instagram feed? Well, the social media giant recently announced that they added a way for users to adjust how tightly they want to filter out violent or sexually suggestive posts while they explore the image-centric social network.

Basically, the new “Sensitive Content Control” option lets you adjust whether they want to see more or fewer posts that some may find unpleasant or untasteful, as per GMA News Online

“You can think of sensitive content as posts that don’t necessarily break our rules, but could potentially be upsetting to some people – such as posts that may be sexually suggestive or violent,” Instagram said in a statement. 

This new tool applies to an exploration tool that recommends content users might find interesting at the image-centric social network. Fundamentally, it gives people the option to stick with the default limit on sensitive posts, or opt to tighten or loosen the restriction. 

What counts as ‘sensitive’ is pretty subjective, so it’s a way for Facebook to address people’s complaints about how abusive or misleading some posts are. At the same time, some people can still retain their right to express themselves freely. 

How do you access this tool exactly? Well, just go to your profile and tap the Settings option. Go to Account and then to Sensitive Content Control. Instagram has yet to roll out this tool to all its users though, so don’t stress yourself out if you don’t see it in your settings. 

Given the heightened sensitivity levels of a lot of people nowadays, this decision by Instagram can help people avoid content that might affect them in a negative manner. Just note that the Allow option will not be available to people under 18.

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