THIS is the best time to buy an iPhone 13

THIS is the best time to buy an iPhone 13

If you’re a huge tech nut or a shameless member of the Apple cult, you may be aware that pre-order for the latest phone model of the tech giant is ongoing. The new iPhone 13 is expected to hit shelves in the country this October 22, which means hundreds of people will be lining up to get their hands on the latest iPhone model.

While it may be tempting to be ahead of everyone else and buy the new iPhone 13 (if you can afford it), you might want to consider holding off purchasing this nifty new gadget.

Unless your current phone is giving up on you, you might want to hold off a bit. According to a study by iPrice, these prices will drop by 12% after six months, and 13% after a year. In case math isn’t exactly your forte, this means you can save up to P6,959 if you wait half a year and P7,539 if you hold off a year before splurging. 

Plus, the same study suggests that waiting six months is a long enough wait. Statistically speaking, the latest iPhone model only goes down by 1% a year after it’s released. Plus, a new model will probably be out by then. 

How much are the latest iPhone models, you may be wondering? The cheapest model in the lineup, the iPhone 13 Mini with 128GB, is priced at P44,990, while the standard iPhone 13 with the same storage option is priced at P50,990.

What’s new in the iPhone 13? 

But what’s so awesome about the new iPhone 13, anyway? Honestly, there are no groundbreaking improvements from the iPhone 12 and other recent predecessors. However, it does have some notable new improvements like longer battery life, smaller display notch, improved chipset, different camera layout (for the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini), and added camera features, which focus on video.

So if you can afford the new iPhone 13, you might want to wait a couple of months. That little savings can go a long way.

Art Daniella Sison


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