Tinder’s in-app interactive series ‘Swipe Night’ to return this November

Tinder's in-app interactive series 'Swipe Night' to return this November
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A special word of caution: this is not a Tinder-ella story. Well, guess what? The second season of mega-popular dating app Tinder is coming with a new choose-your-own-adventure style event Swipe Night. It’s set to return to the app this coming November 7. 

The latest installment of Swipe Night is called Swipe Night: Killer Weekend. Basically, it’s a Gen Z ensemble murder mystery Tinder users swipe right or left to choose outcomes that impact the plot. This interactive experience will be available in Tinder’s newly launched Explore, an interactive space within the app.

As per Variety.com, Emmy-nominated Sasie Sealy directed the experience with the help of Brandon Zuck who also wrote Hulu’s Into The Dark. The star-studded cast includes Ashley Ganger (Grand Army), Calvin Seabrooks of Westworld fame, and Luke Slattery (New Amsterdam). Other cast members include Francesca Olivia Xuereb (Room 203), Nozipho Mclean (The Inheritance), Ivan Carlo (Gossip Girl), and Emile Ravenet (Tides).

The second season of Swipe Night will have new characters and a new storyline. Basically, it’s a Gen Z whodunit project you wouldn’t want to miss. Over the course of three weeks in November, Tinder members will get to choose who they think committed a crime.

Depending on your choices on the app, will see different outcomes and plot twists. At the end of each episode, members can be paired with another Swipe Night participant through Tinder’s Fast Chat feature, where they’ll be able to talk about the story, analyze different clues, and unravel the mystery together.

That means you can possibly find love or at least a new friend with a shared interest through the interactive experience. How fun is that, right? 
The first Swipe Night series saw more than 20 million members participating in the shared storyline and a subsequent 26 percent increase in matches on the Tinder App.

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