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TFX: This Dance Group Featuring Lesbians And Trans Men Is Making Waves

The dance group is one of the first of its kind in the Philippines.

Nariese Giangan, an out-and-proud lesbian and advocate of LGBT rights, is the mother of TFX. The inspiration came from watching Thai lesbian dance groups that covered K-Pop groups. Thus, TFX was born.

Nariese was also inspired by a group of her lesbian friends who used to perform at events. But they ended up going their separate ways, so she decided to form a new group. TFX is now one of the very few (and popular) gay dance groups in the Philippines.

The history of TFX

TFX was born in 2015. The name means “T Effects,” since most of the members in the group are trans men. Nariese asked a few handsome trans men if they knew how to dance. When they said yes, she asked them to join the group.

Naghanap muna ako ng mga pogi, tapos saka ko sila tinanong kung marunong ba sila sumayaw.” Nariese laughed. She got a few members she met at exclusive LGBT events. Nariese also asked a few former That’s My Tomboy contestants. Since they already had a steady following, it wasn’t hard to get fans to notice the group.

Their first gig was at a Halloween party at Spectrum MNL in 2015. They have since gone on to perform at the Metro Manila Pride March. They did that for three years, from 2016 to 2019. TFX also performs at exclusive events and parties for the LGBTQ+ community.

Their advocacy is to have a creative space for the members of the LGBT+ community. Trans men and lesbians are welcome in the group, and everyone in it treats each other like family.

The group now

The group has been dancing since 2015. A lot of members have come and gone, but the current group is more stable than ever. At present, it has 15 core members.

When the pandemic hit, they stopped performing. But they recently performed at Pride March 2022, dancing as if they never stopped.

They still don’t have a home studio, and they rehearse wherever they can find space. But whenever they perform in public, they make sure to advocate for their community.

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They’ll also continue to break stereotypes about trans men and lesbians, one beat at a time.

Featured Image Daniella Sison

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